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Should teams take a chance on Tim Tebow?

He’s a recent former first round NFL Draft pick. He quarterbacked his team to an AFC West Division title. He passed for 316 yards in a Wild Card game against the league’s No. 1 pass defense while leading his team to victory.


Yet, he can’t find a job two years later.


That’s Tim Tebow in a nut shell.


And we don’t even need to mention that he’s a Heisman winner. Or that he’s an NCAA Champion.


So why on earth can he not land a job in the NFL?


Well, think about it, what does he bring to the table more than ANYTHING else? Negative publicity and controversy –it’s unlike anything we have ever seen before.


Unless you have a top five quarterback on the roster or you have an opening at the position, no NFL team should pick him up.


You don’t want him on the roster if your quarterback is average because you will hear it from the fan base and rightfully so. They will be chanting his name. Therefore, unless you are willing to give him a solid attempt at starting, he’s not worth it.


Would I take a chance on him if I didn’t have a quarterback? Absolutely. Without blinking I would at least give him a shot. But I would have to be in one of the two situations I described above.


If not, I wouldn’t think about it and, unfortunately for Tim Tebow, a lot of teams are in that situation.


They don’t want the media and ESPN constantly talking about them. They don’t want the fan base taking over with who starts under center. They aren’t willing to change the offense to suit Tebow’s style.


No team wants to deal with the distraction.


So maybe the CFL is all Tebow has to look forward to. Right now, that’s his best option unless somebody takes a legitimate chance and signs the quarterback to a contract.


I don’t see it happening unless there is either no chance of him to start, forcing Tebow to be a backup or a clear-cut chance for him to start.


Right now, no team in the NFL wants to take a look at Tebow and sadly, that’s the way it appears it will be this season.

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