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The NFL’s most interesting feud finally got their long-anticipated rematch on Sunday, when Josh Norman’s Washington Redskins visited Odell Beckham Jr.’s New York Giants.

And despite the reports to the contrary, Norman got his fill on Odell Beckham in the game, lining up against Beckham on the majority of the Giants’ possessions.

OBJ had quite the game, catching 9 passes for 107 yards. He played well against Norman, and played passionately. The two traded barbs the whole way, lighting it up early with a contested ball on the goal line on the first drive, and then more heatedly in the fourth quarter.

But it was in that fourth quarter where Norman took the upper hand. OBJ made a great play along the sideline to get the ball inside the goal line to give the Giants a chance to win.

But an interception by Eli Manning at the goal line ended the hope of a victory, which proved infuriating for Beckham Jr.

Despite the big game from his nemesis, Norman and the Skins got the last laugh in this one. But I’m sure we’ll get more fireworks later in the year.

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