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One of the running plotlines of the NBA season has been the behind the scenes chatter of the addition of a new expansion team or teams. The new CBA reportedly includes an added interest in expanding the league and bringing in more markets.

No fan-base or region has been more adamant about their wish for an NBA team than the city of Seattle. And they’ve been very vocal in recent months. Celebrities and athletes have come out in support across the league.

NBA players have spoken wistfully about missing the presence of the Supersonics, who were moved to Oklahoma City by the Thunder’s ownership group almost a decade ago due to slipping attendance and disputes over an arena.

But Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ star QB, has thrown his hat into the ring by joining an ownership group designed to bring a franchise back to the city of Seattle.

While this will take a while – and inevitably includes many political steps and plenty of red tape – it certainly seems that a return is imminent.

And if you can’t get excited about a return of the Sonics, you just don’t love the NBA.

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