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Playoffs: Round 2 Match-Ups

Four series and nearly every series will provide a result that won’t shock anyone. Welcome to the NBA Postseason after we weed out all the teams that don’t deserve to make it this far.

Here’s a quick look at the next round of the NBA Playoffs:

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies            


Memphis and Oklahoma City are two teams who are extremely alike. But with the absence of Russell Westbrook, they are more alike than ever and that puts this series up for grabs.

Both teams have great, college-like crowds. Both teams are extremely well coached. Both are physically prepared for war.

It should be a great series.

Key Matchup: Kendrick Perkins vs. Zach Randolph

These two beasts have a history—they don’t like each other one bit. They will be battling every chance they can.

Randolph has the athletic edge and he can pull Perkins away from the hoop which will help teammates. If he can be successful with his jumper, this could be a long series.

New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers


Indiana and New York will be a war.

Amar’e Stoudemire may be ready to play sometime this series which may cause problems for the Knicks, believe it or not. When he’s in the lineup with Carmelo Anthony, which doesn’t happen often, the Knicks tend to struggle. When he’s out of the lineup, Anthony is at his best because he is getting 20-to-25 shots a game and the Knicks succeed at a high level.

Just take a look at their series against the Celtics. It was their first since the early 2000s. Do they win with Stoudemire? I don’t know.

Key to the series: No Danny Granger


Indiana will be a tough matchup for the Knicks because of their physical play. However, this may be the series that missing Danny Granger matters. He can score at a high rate while being a viable option in one-on-one situations.

The Pacers match-up well with the Knicks but they struggle to score the ball. Granger is the missing piece to the puzzle and could very well be the reason why Indiana falls short against the Knicks.

Either way, this series is going seven.

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls


Miami will most likely lose a game in this series…most likely on the road. But this isn’t a series to be worried about from Heat fans.

Chicago has talent and will compete but Miami will win this in five or six games. I don’t see this going to seven.

Key to the series: Miami’s talent


Miami has too much talent and LeBron James is now a four-time league MVP for a reason. They should be able to breeze by the Bulls.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors


San Antonio has the obvious experience edge but Golden State is an up-and-coming team with Stephen Curry as its leader. The dude is a beast and is arguably the Playoffs MVP as of right now.

But this is when it all stops.

Key to the series: Golden State is thrilled to win one series, San Antonio plays for the marbles


Golden State upset Denver for its first playoff series victory since 2007 so they are feeling good about themselves. So good that they feel accomplished through one round.

San Antonio plays for NBA championships. One series victory isn’t going to make them happy.

That’s the difference between these two teams. Do I see this series going to seven games? It has a semi-good chance.

But I can’t see the Warriors winning this series. Maybe next year or the year after because this will be a dangerous team moving forward, but not now.

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