You’ll likely immediately turn on this excellent sci-fi gem on Netflix for an evening of entertainment

You’ll likely immediately turn on this excellent sci-fi gem on Netflix for an evening of entertainment

The big advantage of many streaming services unfortunately is that there are also many good titles to watch. You often have to search hard to find such a pearl. FilmTotaal will help you.

For example, Michael Spierig’s sci-fi film Predestination, which you may know him from, is available on Netflix panorama in Day breakers.

A 2014 science fiction film starring Ethan Hawke. Supporting roles went to Sarah Snook, Christopher Kirby, and Christopher Sommers, among others. The film’s reception was very good.

Here is the critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes (84%): “A fun genre with unusual wit, Predestination is a better-than-average sci-fi adventure – and features a stellar turn from Sarah Snook.”

“A nice brain teaser. In itself, Predestinaton doesn’t leave many questions open to interpretation, but while watching the film I sometimes had no idea where the directors wanted to go. But everything is put together well, especially the strong first part.” very “. The story surrounding “The Unwed Mother” is particularly strong, and Hawke and Snoke do a good job. With these types of films, it’s important to have actors who give the complex story a human face and know how to sell it well. “ IH88 wrote on Moviemeter.

Sander Hartog wrote on Moviemeter: “Yes, the story actually puts you to sleep at first, but once you’re about halfway through the movie, you start to see things and understand things. At that moment you’re ‘pulled’ into the movie, and you get, as it were, ‘Everything falls into place. An hour later you can still think about how everything works.”

On Netflix
Ad Astra only grossed $3 million at the box office. However, he is recording good results. Fortunately, you can watch the movie again on Netflix.

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Synopsis: A so-called “temporary agent” must travel through time to perform various tasks in order to obtain a permanent appointment. His latest mission is to catch the criminal who has been chasing him his entire career.

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