Denis Villeneuve is now happy with the online premiere of Dune

Denis Villeneuve is now happy with the online premiere of Dune

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Director Denis Villeneuve He spoke positively about the hybrid version of his upcoming movie Dune. The film will be shown in Dutch cinemas this week and in the US at the end of October on both HBO Max and the silver screen.

Earlier, Villeneuve was not positive about Warner Bros.’s automatic selection. To give the biggest blockbusters a hybrid release in 2021. It’s different now before it’s released.

The good news is that the film will be shown in theaters on Earth and in a mixed edition in the United States. Villeneuve said in a conversation with Deadline.

“Now the enemy is the epidemic. Now that vaccines have advanced, it is safe to release the film around the world.” Director said. “Last year, when we decided to postpone the movie, I understood why; it was about safety.”

“I was sad because I thought I was letting people down. It’s always a party when a new movie comes out. It’s time to leave now.” Villeneuve says.

A notable release for Dune

Unlike many Warner Bros. films. other, Dune Significantly early in countries outside the United States. With this, Warner Bros. It will probably prevent the sci-fi movie from quickly entering the illegal download circle.

running from tomorrow Dune In Dutch cinemas. Are you going to the cinema to watch this amazing science fiction movie?

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