You can ski in July at these ski resorts

You can ski in July at these ski resorts

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When you think of July, you probably don’t think of skiing first, but it’s certainly possible. In countries like Argentina, Australia, Chile and New Zealand, the ski season is in full swing and the main holiday season is almost upon us. Skiing is even possible in July in the Northern Hemisphere. Eight summer ski areas are currently open in Europe, and you can ski in a few more in North America.

Skiing in July: Southern Hemisphere

No summer plans yet? Book a trip to the snow on the other side of the world! Most ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere are open. You can now choose from nearly 100 ski areas. The slopes now have a pretty thick layer of snow, especially with the heavy snowfall in Australia recently. You can now ski in the following winter sports countries in the Southern Hemisphere:

  • AustraliaKnown Areas: PerisherFalls Creek, Mt Buller en Thredbo
  • ArgentinaKnown Areas: Cathedral, Linas
  • ChiliPopular areas: Valle Nevado, Nevade de Chillan, Portilo
  • New ZealandPopular areas: Mount Hutt, Coronet Peak, Cardrona

Summer skiing in North America

Due to the massive snowfall in North America during the winter and spring, some slopes are still open for skiing in July. Only a few ski resorts stay open longer. In the United States, efforts are often made to prepare slopes for Independence Day and the period surrounding the 4th of July. Many Americans like to look high during this holiday. This year, these ski areas are still operational for winter sports activities:

  • Mammoth Hill
  • Palisades
  • Timberline
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Skiing in July: Europe

You can even get off some of Europe’s slopes! Although the number of glacier ski areas open in summer has decreased in recent years, skiing is still possible in eight areas in Europe. In Austria Hintertux and Swiss Zermatt You can usually ski all year round. There are also some ski areas that are only open in the summer or open even more in the summer:

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