Why not eat fresh blackberries

Why not eat fresh blackberries

Fresh blackberries are delicious as a snack, in yogurt or on pancakes. But did you know that you should not eat them after picking them?

It is often full of little creatures.

Blackberry picking

Blackberry season has started now and will last until September or even October. Although picking blackberries isn’t actually allowed, it’s still overlooked, provided you don’t pick too many.

If you want to reap the benefits, it’s a good idea to pay attention to a number of things. For example, color matters: When it’s dark purple or black, it’s ripe. The larger and darker it is, the better it tastes. It should also come off easily when picked. If not, it is not ripe yet and it is best to leave it.

to wash

Did you get your hands on some cute stuff? Then it is good not to take it right away. There’s a good chance it’s full of critters. Therefore, always wash the fruits thoroughly in cold water first. Do this not under a running tap, but in a bowl or bucket.

Then you can add some salt to the container. You will see that the creatures – who do not like salt – will now detach from the brambles and float to the top. There is a good chance that these are small white worms.

to conduct

Let the container of blackberries sit for a while and remove the insects that float on top. Did any fruit float? Then this is a sign that it has not yet matured or is no longer valid. Gently move the blackberries with your hand and let them stand for a while. Repeat this as often as you like to remove as many insects as possible from the fruit.

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When the blackberries are clean, you can drain and rinse them as desired. Let them dry on a paper towel.


Freshly picked blackberries cannot be stored for too long. It is best not to wait more than two days before eating. However, you can choose to freeze it. In this case, it will remain valid for up to twelve months.

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