Who’s hiding behind the Discoball suit in The Masked Singer 2023?

Who’s hiding behind the Discoball suit in The Masked Singer 2023?

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DeDiscoball in The Masked Singer 2023

When you see a suit from De Discobol, you can’t help but think in a certain direction. Would they really put a musical person in this suit? However, we have an idea – even before the third episode airs on TV – that the real person behind this beautiful suit makes his money from music. But again, it could be hundreds of people.

Fortunately, during the broadcast it became more clear about this brilliant personality. So the party suit doesn’t fit this person’s true identity at all: Discoball shows that he doesn’t like parties. It is mentioned that he wrote a book. And with the extra time this shiny ball has worked at home and abroad, this is probably a big pill to swallow. Committee member Gerard Golling was able to convince Discopol that this book was in no way being made into a film.

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The Masked Singer 2023 – Affluencing 3

Where is Discoball in The Masked Singer 2023?

Henny Huisman’s name was mentioned frequently on the panel and in fans’ homes. In addition, the names of Louis van Gaal, Glenn Helder and even Frank Messmayer have also been mentioned. Everyone was wrong, because De Discobol turned out to be Hans van Breukelen!

How could you know that? The disco ball is featured in the introductory video as Park ranger In a café which shows his career as a goalkeeper. There were also several books Let’s see, because Hans has written several. Finally, the Overtime work at home and abroad Of course also in his national and international football career.

Hans van Brocklin is the discoball in The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer It can be watched every Friday from 8:00 pm on RTL4. You can watch it again via Videoland.

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