TicketSwap Secures Millions of Dollars in Investments

TicketSwap Secures Millions of Dollars in Investments

TicketSwap Secures Millions of Dollars in Investments

TicketSwap, Amsterdam’s online platform where consumers can submit tickets for concerts and events, has raised, among other things, €8.2 million from investment firm Million Monkeys in Amsterdam. It is the first time TicketSwap has received funds from an outside investor. With the money, TicketSwap wants to expand into other countries, such as Germany and Sweden, and improve the quality of service.

TicketSwap also wants to open offices in France and the UK. In addition, the platform works on a smart lottery system, so that more people can compete for a popular entry ticket. TicketSwap also wants to expand the app with more information about artists and events.

TicketSwap was founded in 2012 and operates worldwide. On the platform, people can sell tickets for concerts, festivals, sporting events, theater performances, and days out. TicketSwap works with thousands of event organizers.

Technology financier Million Monkeys comes from investor Martin Baker Andrea, who previously founded, which was acquired by the US eBay marketplace. He has also made previous investments in other online marketplaces, such as TheNextCloset, a second hand website for designer clothing.

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