Who will disguise himself as a sheep in The Masked Singer 2023?

Who will disguise himself as a sheep in The Masked Singer 2023?

In this article we will keep you updated with all the hints and clues.

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The sheep in The Masked Singer

In the lead up to Episode 4 of The Masked Singer, we of course haven’t had any hints and clues with the sheep. At least, there are no hints that we know for sure. However, this appearance and the description above alone ring some bells. After all, when we think of the “curious” personality trait, we immediately think of a journalist.

The actual hints don’t rule it out. We know this sheep Two children She has and is often prepared for her work The front He must stand. She even has one for that Nice award king. Fortunately, she can stay home Nice and anonymous We are. Moreover, this sheep was talking about him Her partnerWe’ve seen one Unicycle And also By panda She passed by. Could this celebrity be a WWF ambassador?

In any case, she is not an actress, as she asserts herself.

©William Wroten/Rob Jacobs

The Masked Singer 2023 – Affluencing 4

Who is the sheep in The Masked Singer?

Loretta Shriver was sure in the fourth episode: the unicycle hint can only be linked to her former colleague in Koffietijd, Pernille La Lau, who has already surprised us several times with her skills. We have to disappoint her, because no, it wasn’t about Pernell. The Het Schaap suit was worn by none other than the Opsporing Verzocht presenter Aneko van Santen To sit.

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“If you had paid attention to all the hints, you could have caught me red-handed,” Aniko said. This is partly due to the floor ‘unknown’ In the hint video, which clearly refers to the advice of the well-known AVROTROS program. More link By panda In fact, Aneko worked for the World Wildlife Fund and it became clear “tracks” He said. Could this video indicate more clearly Investigation request?

If that wasn’t enough, you could also tell that this was an aneko by the word ‘excellence’. Aniko received the Royal Award for her work in 2020.

Aniko Van Santen in The Masked Singer


Aniko Van Santen in The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer It can be watched every Friday from 8:00 pm on RTL4. You can watch it again via Videoland.

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