Which celebrity is hiding in a hot suit in The Masked Singer 2023?

Which celebrity is hiding in a hot suit in The Masked Singer 2023?

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Hit Hurt in The Masked Singer 2023

We would love to tell you right away who is the famous character hiding behind the Hit Hurt suit in The Masked Singer, but unfortunately that is impossible. At the time of writing, Heat Hurt was still wearing her mask.

What we know now is that behind this suit there is a person who comes from a decent background Come musical family. She already has one herself The stick Passed. Furthermore, we may be dealing with an influential person here: aan Personal Photos in make-upproducten At least there is no defect. In addition, the deer also said it “Creature of habit” He and piano Not known to her.

When asked if this deer had a “known male,” the answer was: “Sometimes.” This doesn’t say much.

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The Masked Singer 2023 – Affluencing 4

Where is Hit Hurt in The Masked Singer 2023?

Allusions about Het Hert vary greatly: from an influential person to someone with a well-known family and again from a creature of habit to someone from Koffietijd. Logically speaking, the committee has major doubts: from Antje Montero, Kim Lien van der Meij, Roxanne Heises to Leona Filippo. The audience goes to people like Georgina Verban, Shari Ann, Tatiana Simic and reality star Michela Cox.

The Masked Singer It can be watched every Friday from 8:00 pm on RTL4. You can watch it again via Videoland.

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