'We should cherish the unexpected connections in science' - News

‘We should cherish the unexpected connections in science’ – News

Faster and more energy efficient

This field, spintronics, forms the basis for a new type of information technology. It uses the electron’s spin and not the electron’s charge, as we’re used to in electronics. The applications of x-electronics are still marginal, but the potential possibilities are promising. Spintronics are much faster and more energy efficient than electronics, because there is hardly any power loss.

black hole on a chip

The main problem with x-electronics is that the signal propagating through the electron coils slowly decays. In 2017, Dwayne published a theoretical proposal to treat this extinction by signal amplification. This proposal uses the radioactive hawk concept of black holes, whose existence Stephen Hawking calculated in 1975. More than a year ago, Doyen and his colleagues at the Eindhoven University of Technology received support to carry out the proposal experimentally, thus constructing the equivalent of a black hole on a chip. Doyen hopes this system will act as an amplifier in the short term to solve the extinction problem.

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