We see these couples again in “Buying Without Looking: Years Later”

We see these couples again in “Buying Without Looking: Years Later”

Bright pink walls, classic herringbone floors, steel doors and fun animal prints. I’ve seen that enough in recent years in ‘buying without looking’. But do couples still live in the same house they once bought blindly? Does it still look the same? Roos visits the new online series Buying Without Looking: Years Later to take a look.

Designer Roos Reedijk comes out and takes a look at the participants from the first seasons. But who are the couples we could see again in the coming weeks?

Episode 1: Jeffrey and Larissa

Jeffrey and Larissa were the first to participate in the purchase without looking. Do they still live in the house they bought four years ago in Alkmaar? Do the three still live there? Clairvoyant Martin had already realized at the time of birth that this would be short-lived…

Episode 2: Sabine

Sabine’s story shows that a lot can happen in four years. She and her husband, Ferry, signed up for the buy without looking service. The kids have left home, so it’s time for a new home and a lot of travel. Unfortunately, this big dream collapsed after a year and a half. Ferry falls seriously ill and dies. However, they made many wonderful memories together at home.

Episode 3: Anouk and Mathis

Ross also visits Reckless people Anouk and Mathis from season one. When they heard that the episode had been viewed a million times, their first reaction was: Go abroad! However, the house remained their stable base. Especially during the difficult period when Anouk became seriously ill.

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Episode 4: Luke and Marijke

Bob opted for full extension in Tilburg. The house was unrecognizable from the inside and appeared twice as large, according to Luke and Mariji. But now the family is almost twice as big. Does all of this still fit in their classic 1930s home?

Episode 5: Barbara and Albert Jean

Barbara and Albert Jan have taken the next step in their relationship: living together. The couple wasn’t immediately excited about the house. But with a construction budget of €175,000, Bob can do something. Are they still happy with the end result?

Episode 6: Goike and Vernant

The revelation that their home was purchased blind came as a complete shock. Goeke and Vernant immediately said: “We would never buy this!” Will they still live in their renovated house in Harlem? Or do they already have plans to move? However, Ross offers some new design tips.

Buying without looking: years later


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