Venezuelan Opposition Overthrows Interim President Guaidó: Very Little Success Against Maduro | abroad

After nearly four years, the Venezuelan opposition has withdrawn its support for self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido. Lawmakers from three main opposition parties voted overwhelmingly on Friday to oust Guaidó as interim president and hand over responsibility for the unilaterally declared transitional government to a commission.

Guaido, who has become known internationally as an opponent of authoritarian head of state Nicolás Maduro, addressed his compatriots directly in the face of his defeat: “To the Venezuelans: count on me. As democrats, we will continue to defend the constitution. Today I tell you: we will defeat the dictatorship. We will always meet again in the street.”

Guaidó declared himself interim head of state in January 2019 after elections criticized as fraudulent by the Venezuelan opposition officially kept Maduro in office. The president declared himself the winner of the elections. Maduro has long denied the election was wrong and clung to power. Many countries, including the United States, recognize Guaido as the legitimate head of the South American oil state.

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. © Environmental Protection Agency

Although the provisional government led by Guaidó owns several Venezuelan assets abroad, including interests in the oil company CITGO and several embassies, the president has been unable to confirm his presence inside Venezuela. Head of state Maduro, who is supported, among other things, by the powerful military, is still in control there.

Therefore, Guaidó’s influence continues to decline. Because of the presidential elections in 2024, a large part of the opposition now wants to reorganize itself, without the failed front man.

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