The United Nations asks the International Court of Justice to consider the Israeli occupation


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The United Nations General Assembly requests the International Court of Justice in The Hague to consider the legal consequences of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The United Nations wants the International Court of Justice to issue what is called a judicial opinion. The General Assembly voted on the issue, and 87 countries supported it. A number of countries voted against the resolution, including Israel and the United States, with 53 abstentions. to me Times of Israel The Netherlands abstained from voting.

Palestinian diplomat Riyad Mansour thanked the countries that supported the resolution.

The advice of the International Court of Justice should cover the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem – areas occupied by Israel in 1967. Some 500,000 settlers have settled in the occupied territories.

The General Assembly requests the ICJ to provide advice on the legal consequences of “occupation, settlement and annexation” by Israel, as well as on “measures aimed at changing the demographic composition, character and status of the City of Jerusalem and related discriminatory legislative measures”.

‘political motives’

In a written response, Israel strongly rejected the decision. The country described the assembly as “morally bankrupt and politically motivated”.

The country has already indicated that it will consider the court’s ruling illegal. The advice of the ICJ is not binding, by the way. The rulings are in, but the court does not have the resources to pursue them legally.

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