VanMoof e-bikes and Belkin headphones are discoverable with Apple’s Find My function – picture and sound – news

Apple has opened the Find My network to third-party manufacturers. This allows these manufacturers to make their products discoverable in the network when users miss something. VanMoof, Belkin, and Chipolo are the first companies to participate in Find My.

Participating Products Get it Works with Apple Find My Label. Apple says that manufacturers must adhere to “strict privacy controls” if they want to connect to the Find My network. Supported devices appear in the New Items tab in the Find My app. Find My works with a Bluetooth network made up of users’ Apple devices.

Users can see other users’ missing products in the app. If they click on such a product, a message and contact details of the owner will appear. A product owner can receive a notification again when a product is found. Apple says that this location connection is encrypted and that either Apple or the manufacturer cannot track the location. The company plans to share specifications about Apple’s ultra-wide U1 chip with chip manufacturers later this spring. This chip introduces the iPhone 11 smartphones, and allows the devices to determine the locations with greater accuracy.

VanMoof is One of the first three third-party manufacturers to participate in Find My. All S3 and X3 e-bikes ordered as of Wednesday, April 7, support the Find My network. Users can put their bike into Lost Mode via the Find My app. Here they can also make the electric bike make noise, so that it can be placed, for example, in a crowded bicycle shed.

Bee Belkin is fine To the Soundform Freedom True Wireless Earbuds that Receive Find My Support. These are new earbuds that will go on sale “soon” and will receive support for Qualcomm aptX, up to eight hours of battery life and a charging case that offers 28 hours of battery life. This box can be charged either wirelessly or via the USB-C port. Ears are IPX5 certified. The latest product to join Find My now is Chipolo’s ONE Spot keychain tracker.

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