Students are threatening to go to court because of anti-fraud programs

Students are threatening to go to court because of anti-fraud programs

Several months ago, EUR students demanded that students put a smartphone behind them when taking an exam at home. In addition to facing students with the laptop webcam, the rear view is also photographed.

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Like many other universities and colleges, EUR has been using it since the start of the Corona crisis Monitoring software, Which should prevent transcription during home exams. Around the world, petitions are circulating among students about this due to the infringement of their privacy.

EUR is the only university that also requires a second camera. According to the board, this is necessary to ensure the value of the diploma, because without a second camera fraud is still possible with a cheat sheet on the computer screen.

Students from the university council have been discussing with the council for months. a Critical message At the end of January it was signed by nearly eight hundred students. “Monitoring increases the pressure on students during exams and can feel like a breach of privacy in these already difficult times,” they write.

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