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IKEA and Sonos collaborate on a painting using a built-in amplifier. The Verge reports this based on its own sources. Sonos previously posted a teaser on Instagram, confirming the arrival of a new speaker in association with IKEA.

the edge It claims to have seen an early photo of a board with a built-in speaker. It will be the spokesperson for Titan board. Little is known about the product’s effect, The Verge writes. Several IKEA and Sonos products appeared in early April US Federal Communications Commission, Including the reference to “wireless device”.

According to The Verge, the two companies are also working on an updated version of the Symfonisk table lamp with an integrated speaker. A recording of this speaker recently appeared with the US Federal Communications Commission, The Verge wrote. The broker expects the new speaker lamp to get the same suggested retail price as the current Symfonisk, which IKEA is selling for € 179. The Sonos and IKEA smart bookshelf speaker, which also functions as a wall shelf, won’t receive an upgrade at this time.

Sonos and IKEA also seem to confirm the arrival of new speakers. Sonos posted some teasers on Instagram earlier this week, he writes Lint pocket. Sonos appears to confirm to this broker that the company is working on new products with IKEA. A spokesperson for Pocket-Lint said: “The partnership between Sonos and IKEA is stronger than ever, and we are excited about the products we work on together. We look forward to sharing more when the time comes.”

IKEA and Sonos released their first joint product In 2019. The companies have not announced any new products since then. It is unclear when IKEA and Sonos will announce the upgraded Symfonisk table lamp and the alleged drawing stethoscope. Sonos will release a mobile device later this month Sonos RomBluetooth speaker, which costs 179 euros.

Current IKEA speaker / Sonos Symphony

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