VanDorenhoudt allows Locks to debut at Waterloo World Cup, Adams not in USA

VanDorenhoudt allows Locks to debut at Waterloo World Cup, Adams not in USA

VanDorenhoudt allows Locks to debut at Waterloo World Cup, Adams not in USA

Belgium may have no women at the start of the Cyclo-Cross World Cup in Waterloo and Fayetteville, with twelve Belgians in the starting line-up for the men. Among them is Vlaams-Brabant Lander Loockx, who will make his World Cup debut among the elite. Jens Adams then complained to national coach Sven Vandoorenhout.

Based on their UCI ranking, Eli Iserbyt, Michael Vanthourenhout, Laurens Sweeck, Vincent Baestaens, Daan Soete and Toon Vandenbosch have automatically qualified for the World Cup. Thibaut Nice and Joran Visseur have traveled as a promise. The national coach then had four wild cards to distribute. He gave it to Tom Meusen, Niels Vandeput, Thijs Aerts and debutant Lander Luks.

“Lander came close to selection last year, but mostly not,” explains the national coach Cycling. “Just like last year, when Wood Van Aert took the field. I had to give him a wild card because he wasn’t in the top eight Belgians at the start of the season. So few people had a place, Lander was often not there.

“But he had a good summer, got a good start to the season and got the chance to compete in the World Cups in the US. I hope he can take the UCI points with him and have the satisfaction of extending that into the coming winter months,” said Vanthorenhout.

Photo: Instagram Jens Adams

One notable absentee is Jens Adams. “He has chosen not to travel to America,” says the national coach. “His condition wasn’t too bad, but he had a shaky preparation. He had some health problems and wants to invest two or three weeks in training to improve that one percent in the coming months. Jens asked my opinion about the trip. I’m neutral about it, Then I think together with you about what is best and then come to the conclusion that there is no added value.

Vandoorenhout vs Iserbyt?
In the first three crosses of the season, wins went to Michael Vandoorenhout (at Grubke and Muleback) and Elie Iserbitt (at Beringen). The national coach is expecting a fight between the two in the US. “I’m inclined to say yes. I’d have to say they left pretty late. So I expect them to have a better chance in Fayetteville than in Waterloo,” he says.

“They didn’t leave until Thursday, and it was too late. It was a conscious choice because they wanted to miss as little training as possible. After the Muleback, they focused on training. It might stop them from reaching their best in Waterloo, but the guys you push forward, you know they’re better than anyone else. You expect them to show up.

Vincent Bastions has been in the US for some time, perhaps surprisingly. “Vincent can be against the top-5, but I think it’s a gap to really win. Completely cross-specific, I expect Eli and Michael to stand out. I’m not comparing Laurens Zweig and Lars van der Haar either,” says Sven Vandoorenhout.

What can Iserbyt, Vanthorenhout and Van der Haar do? (Left to Right) – Photo: Cor Vos

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