‘US imposes restrictions on Huawei suppliers’ |  Finance

‘US imposes restrictions on Huawei suppliers’ | Finance

Products such as chips, antennas and batteries suitable for 5G devices from Hawaii can no longer be used for that purpose. The U.S. government declined to comment on the news.

Some companies had previously obtained permits, with which they could still ship parts to Hawaii. But there were also companies that complained about the confusing rules after President Donald Trump’s administration blacklisted Hawaii to buy American technology.


Biden previously decided to maintain control over Hawaii. Like his predecessor, the president sees Chinese concerns as a threat to the national security of the United States and its allies. The Americans claim that Hawaii has close ties with the Chinese military and that the Chinese government is at risk of spying, something that Hawaii denies itself.

Hawaii has also banned equipment for 5G networks in several European countries. Dutch KPN uses telecommunications equipment from Hawaii, but says it is not in critical areas of the network.

New CEO in the Netherlands

Allegations by the U.S. intelligence services and the Dutch security service AIVT.

“Let me be clear on one thing: no evidence of Hawaii involvement in any security breach by our equipment and network technology has been found so far. The CIA and other intelligence agencies and governments have never presented anything difficult. Spying is something we have never done, and will never do in the future.”

When asked if the Hawaiian newspaper can be trusted, Yang says: “Confidence is something you have to earn. We have been working in the Netherlands for fifteen years now and KPN, D-Mobile and Vodafone all work with us. Three years ago, we also received an award from Prime Minister Mark Rutte as one of the largest Chinese investors. This is the hope we have earned by providing high quality, but must continue to live. Now we are in a geopolitical conflict. A security breach and it is the end of training, and then we are out of business. “

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