The number of Bitcoin vending machines in the United States has increased by 177% in the past year

The number of Bitcoin vending machines in the United States has increased by 177% in the past year

According to the latest data from Coin ATM radar Nearly 10,000 new bitcoin machines have been installed worldwide since March 1, 2020. The number of current engines stands at 16,835, which is 57.5% or 9,683 new engines, compared to 7,152 last year.

Announced in November 2020 Cointelegraph 80% increase year on year. Most machines are still in the United States, where 81% (13,699 of the 16,835 machines worldwide) are installed. Within the United States, growth is unparalleled, increasing by 177% from March 1, 2020.

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On the other hand, the decline of crypto machines internationally

The second most important countries for statistics are the United Kingdom and Austria. In Austria, the number of engines has dropped by 266 to 153 units or 42.5% in recent years. The number of ATMs in the UK is much lower. February 2020 became the peak for bitcoin machines in Great Britain with 283 units, but it is now down 30% to 199 machines.

Buy and sell BTC

Coin ATM Radar’s Tikir It monitors the speed at which crypto ATMs are installed, indicating that 34.6 new ATMs are being installed each day. The vast majority of these machines offer only buy with 77.6%, while 22.4% support buying and selling.

The US, Canada and Europe account for the lion’s share of all crypto vending machines around the world, and they are jumping. Hong Kong (85 machines) and Colombia (46) are similar to the countries with the highest number of ATM locations outside the North American and European environment.

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