Biden: Vaccinate everyone on May 1st

Biden: Vaccinate everyone on May 1st

All adult Americans are eligible for the corona vaccine by May 1st. That is what President Biden promised in his first prime time televised speech during his presidency. This should make it possible for Americans to reunite on July 4, American Independence Day.

“The fact that Biden speaks very clearly with both dates indicates his position,” says US correspondent John Postma. “Biden previously mentioned the end of summer, then it was the end of May, and now it’s already May 1st.” To achieve this, Biden wants to get out of the predicament of certain risk groups.

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Vaccination rate

To achieve that May 1, the vaccination rate still needs to be significantly increased. According to Postma, veterinarians and dentists will also be injected, and information technology facilities will be upgraded. ‘You can see that they are sometimes lagging behind in terms of IT. That is why there will be a specialized website to facilitate this process. ‘

So Biden set the final target on July 4th. According to Postma, Biden is doing this to please Republicans. ‘Some of them are very skeptical about the vaccine. On the fourth of July, Biden holds a gift for them. ‘It will still be in a small circle.

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So everyone should be eligible for the vaccine on May 1st. ‘That doesn’t mean you’ll actually be vaccinated on May 1, but you should have a recent look at it by that date,’ Postma says.

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