Skiing in the United States: 4 Tips

Skiing in the United States: 4 Tips

Have you seen the surroundings of Switzerland or Austria and want to ski in a completely different area? Then go to America! You can choose from 524 ski areas there. Before you go to the United States, there are many things you need to arrange. So we offer you a number of tips so that you can prepare well for a skiing vacation to the United States.

1. Choose the right time

Nothing disappoints when you find that you are paying more for the holidays because you go skiing in the US during the high season. The ski regions of the United States can be compared to the alpine region. Enough for skiing from late November to April. There are a lot of people going out to celebrate winter sports with you. Especially during the Christmas holidays and spring holidays people go wildly in winter sports. So it is wise to book your vacation in January / February. It’s out on vacation and you’ll definitely notice it in the price of accommodation. Keep in mind that prices are usually higher than you are used to.

2. Get ESTA

If you want to go on vacation to the United States, you need to arrange another type of permit in addition to the visa. You need something for skiing in the United States Apply for ESTA. ESTA is a digital travel permit from the United States. ESTA stands for Electronic Authentication System. It is an automated system to check whether passengers are allowed to travel to the United States. An ESTA price. 29.95 and valid for two years. During those two years you are allowed to travel to the United States several times and spend 90 days following each trip. Great if you want to visit many ski areas!

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3. Arrange everything quickly

The sooner you arrange everything yourself, the cheaper it is. Arrange air tickets, accommodation and sky pass yourself so you can save as much of each component as possible. You can also choose which airport you want to transfer to.

Tip: Choose a European airport when relocating, as restrictions are less strict.

4. Connect several days of skiing vacation

In addition, it is wise to add a few extra days off. Not only are you guaranteed to enjoy a skiing vacation in the United States, but your body needs to get used to the 8-hour difference. It’s a shame if you do not ski for a whole day if you do not fit enough due to the time difference! In addition, many of the ski areas of the United States are worth a visit. So plan a tour using that ESTA!

Skiing in the United States is still a little corporate work, but you get so much beauty instead. So apply for an ESTA quickly and have fun! Who will you be skiing with in the United States soon?

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