S1E10 | March 12, 2021

S1E10 |  March 12, 2021

NRC Today and Ques & Corkels have once again taken the top spots in the Dutch podcast Top 20 this week. And we see many old acquaintances. This is the new Dutch podcast Top 20, Netherlands podcast ranking.

S1E10 | March 12, 2021

The best 20 of this week is Friday, March 12, 2021

The list is compiled based on data from Spotify, Apple Podcast and PNR. Previous ranking Can be found here.

1. NRC today (NRC) [2]

2. Zeus & Corks (Monica & E / Tony Media) [3]

3. Mark-Mary & App Find something (Mark-Mary & App) [10]

4. USA Podcast (PNR) [5]

5. Self podcast (Sander & Job / Tony Media) [6]

6. Death of Robert (Broadcaster Gelderland) [-]

7. Cryptocost (PNR) [8]

8. Man Man Man, de Podcast (Boss Louison, Chris Bergstrom, Domian Versuran) [9]

9. Eating secrets (Miljushka / Topcast Media) [7]

10. Written by Technolog (PNR) [11]

11. Related to podcast (Cause Gorges) [12]

12. Below the radar, above you (Security work) [-]

13. Ben DeCaler Podcast (PNR) [14]

14. Joe Rogan experience (Joe Rogan) [15]

15. Choose what (NPO 3 / BNNVARA) [-]

16. Ask Commerce (PNR) [-]

17. Petrolheads (PNR) [18]

18. Zhang Pelegan, Podcast (Pim Verlon / Milo brand) [1]

19. Morton van Rossem – Podcast (T-talk) [-]

20. Press Room (PNR) [19]

Author’s tip

Editor’s Tip: Voters podcast He is preparing you with a smile for the March 17 election. Every Wednesday the hosts discuss a topic from the politics you need to understand, but often do not understand. What is really the difference between left and right? Why do we have so many parties?

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PNR airs the Dutch podcast Top 20 every Friday at 6.30pm. This National Top 20 is available every Friday at 0600 hrs as a podcast, via bnr.nl/dutchpodcasttop20, Spotify or your favorite podcast app.

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