US expert surprised by tough election rhetoric: ‘Hitler model for Trump’

US expert surprised by tough election rhetoric: ‘Hitler model for Trump’

American expert Willem Post has been surprised by the harsh words that former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have spoken to each other during the election campaign. This, he insists, goes beyond propaganda rhetoric. “I think words count.”

“Biden’s campaign has said Hitler is a role model for Trump,” the Post said. “Trump also calls Biden the boss of America’s biggest crime family.” The Post has never seen such harsh language used during an election campaign.

Democracy in crisis

Trump and Biden may be polar opposites in the current electoral battle, but they agree on one point: Democracy is in dire straits. The Post compares American democracy to a ‘ship still afloat for now’. “It’s five to twelve,” he warns on Goedemorgen Nederland on NPO 1.

In his latest book, Post tries to find out the condition of ordinary people in America. “I went to the countryside, and then I thought: We keep seeing these two presidents, but look at the discontent in America among ordinary citizens. There are so many stories that opened my eyes.

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American expert sees poverty high among many Americans. He cites the poor condition of many trailer parks as an example. “Those caravans over there are falling apart. You can get there in fifteen minutes by your car.

The People’s Post spoke out to emphasize that the Democratic Party is standing by them. “Now these politicians are living in big villas, which makes people wonder what Washington is doing for them now. Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, ed.) is now living in a kind of castle.

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Sect tears apart families

Americans are more divided than ever. So the cover of Post’s book is half red and half blue. “Twenty years ago, Democrats were blue and Republicans were red, to clarify election results. That only made technical sense. But now people say they’re from a red or blue family. The Post sees the current political conflict tearing families apart. “More No blended families.”

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According to the Post, 60 percent of Americans say they prefer to keep it casual and avoid talking about politics at birthdays or other celebrations. “Talking about politics is very sensitive,” says Marianne van den Anger, an ombudsman with family in the United States. “You can taste the political discontent everywhere.”

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By: Rick Hartkamp

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