United States of America: Biden's first setback to higher positions

United States of America: Biden’s first setback to higher positions

New US President Joe Biden first suffered a setback when the Senate approved his cabinet members and heads of officials.

On Tuesday evening (local time) the President announced that he had accepted the resignation of Nira Tandin as the candidate for the post of President of the Office of the President of the Budget (OMB). Many Republicans and at least one Democrat rejected the dental proposal. They were critical of Dandens’ earlier statements, and they derided themselves highly on Twitter about top Republicans.

50-year-old Nira Tandin wants to get another Bitan jobPhoto: Shendon Khanna / AFP

The Budget Bureau (OMB) is a lesser known but more important authority for running public enterprises.

With the candidacy dropped, Biden escaped defeat in the Senate vote. So far, Biden has fielded his candidates for cabinet positions and for government agencies in the Senate with an unbiased majority. Democrats alone currently hold 50 of the 100 Senate seats. All high scores from the government must be approved by the House of Representatives.

Biden said he has “a lot of respect” for Tantin for their experience and advice. He wants to add her to another role in government service. Tandin said in a White House letter to Biden that he was proud to be nominated for the post.

Tantin wrote accordingly, “Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm (by the Senate) it is now clear.” He wanted to prevent the appointment from becoming a burden to the government.

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