Why should we talk about ASML Twinscan NXT 2000i?

Why should we talk about ASML Twinscan NXT 2000i?

I’m just asking wrote March 10, 2023 at 7:53 am:

The Dutch and their prejudices about America. Tired! American policy is stupid, yes. American geopolitics is in decline, yes. The Netherlands doesn’t have to listen to the American world power, yes. China will soon waltz on America, sure enough. Russia is a world power, it should not fear America, yes.

Yeah, I never got it. Because this is absolutely not true and anyone using their common sense can see that.

Russia is a big bucket of scrap. The only reason they are still somewhat powerful is because they have a lot of leftovers from the Soviet Union. It is now being destroyed at a rapid pace, so once that process is complete the Russian military will literally be nothing. Economically, Russia is also nothing. There is money in oil. That money is wasted due to corruption. If the climate people have their way, the value of that oil will drop.

China will never overtake America. First, because the structure of their economy is so unhealthy. Second, because authoritarian systems are inherently inefficient. Third, all the false long-term plans that people like Arendt-Jan Kamp always think of don’t really exist. The Chinese are just as confused as everyone else. Fourth, as their population is now at its peak, they will face a major aging problem and crushing health care costs. Japan, but to the third power. And that too without Japanese corporate talent. Everything is rough in China and it is difficult if the force is not enough. I expect an explosion rather than them taking over the world.

The Netherlands was a slave of America, and that was not a bad thing, nor a shame. You can also come out quietly for that. It is in both of your interests. The Netherlands was a world power for about 60 years in the 17th century, and that time is long gone. If the US doesn’t want ASML to export those machines to China, it won’t. Don’t worry, there is enough demand.

American power in the world is stronger than ever. The Soviet Union fell. Nothing has changed that yet. China will never become a world power (see above). India has many internal problems. Other than that, nothing even comes close.

America’s policy is stupid. They have more money and smarter people. If not in their own country, they will come from abroad. On their own initiative, Americans don’t have to do anything about it. If you call it stupid, that says something about you.

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