The Commission was sued by the European Parliament

The Commission was sued by the European Parliament

The European Parliament is suing the European Commission for the first time. The move comes at the initiative of Dutch MEP Sophie in the Dutch Welt (D66) as the United States does not comply with European visa rules. Parliament has called on the European Commission to act against it.

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Visa discount

Americans can go to Europe without a visa. Under an agreement with Europe, Europeans will be allowed to travel to the United States without a visa. It turns out that should not be so. ‘Americans have been refusing for years to grant that visa exemption to all Europeans from all countries. The European Commission is obliged to intervene and present a plan that will eventually lead to visa waivers for Americans as well. The Commission does not want to do that. So many years later we are done with it now, so we have to go to court. ‘


According to the European Commission, the implementation of the visa waiver for Europeans is a tricky issue in relations with the United States. “We know it’s law, but it’s politics.” Ever since Trump disappeared and Biden was in the White House, everyone in Europe is now shouting that we need to be more determined. We have to show it. The European Commission must stand by all EU citizens. It is not acceptable for the United States to decide which countries it wants and what it does not. This has something to do with the fact that the Commission did not dare to take serious geopolitical action. ‘

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