United States Citizen Regent Elected DPR: Election Organizer Missed

Bandar Lampung, peritasattu.com – Ahmed Dolly Kurnia Tandjang, chairman of DPR’s Commission II, said election organizers had failed to select Sabu Raijua, a citizen of the (US) Orient Riv Gore, as the regent of the East Nusa Tengara (NDT). Dolly admitted that he had asked the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Oversight Committee (Pavaslu) about this.

“I think we missed this issue. I told Pavaslu, why could something like this happen?” Dolly said on Wednesday (3/2/2021) at Bandar Lampung in Lampung.

According to Dolly related to this problem, we need to find the exact cause. The negligence of KPU and Pavaslu Sabu Raijua, Dolly continued, or in fact Orient committed a criminal fraud.

“I have seen in many reports that KPU and Pavaslu have duly fulfilled their obligations, that is, if the consent of such an organizer is fraudulent and all forms of crime, it should be subject to sanctions,” Dolly said.

Dolly also lamented that after the election process for the Regent and Deputy Regent (Philip) was over, the US Embassy in Indonesia explained that Orient was still an American citizen.

“What the problem is, the explanation was recently received from the US embassy after the election process for regional leaders was over. Perhaps if this person is fast, this person will not be able to participate in the regional elections because they will automatically fall,” Dolly said.

According to Dolly, this is a new invention that should be expected by adding changes to the rules or regulations in the law.

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“This is a new case. If we change the law, we can look forward to adjusting the rules later,” Dolly said.

According to Dolly, the Orient should be eliminated as the elected regent of Sabu Raijua.

“It depends on what action is taken after the abortion. There are many alternatives because this issue is an extraordinary event,” Dolly said.

According to Dolly, the alternative that could be taken may be the second to advance automatically as a regional leader, thus the implementation of the regional leadership election in Sabu Raiju is being canceled and reconsidered.

“Therefore, I urge the friends of KPU and Pavaslu to read this carefully and in depth in order to provide closer results to applicable laws and regulations,” Dolly said.


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