Srivijaya Air SJ 182 The families of the victims were asked not to sign the release and eviction, Jakarta – Advocates for the families of Lion Air JD610 victims, Sanjeev N. of the Professional Law Firm. Srivijaya Air S.J. 182 Release and Exit or not signing R&D documents.

Attorney for the victim Lion Air JD610 The family of the victim Srivijaya Air SJ 182 is under the charge of various parties.

“Many insurance lawyers for the families of Lion Air victims are believed to have participated in the practice in 2018-2019 and approached SJ 182 according to confidential sources. These reports were distributed directly to Michael Indrajana and Sanjeev Singh from reliable sources in Indonesia,” Sanjeev said in a statement on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. Said.

Sanjeev said he would contact the US Judiciary or the US Judiciary and Congress. It is important to know if any US companies are involved in the R&D signing process.

According to Singh, his company has repeatedly blocked R&D from signing with criminals he described as poachers. The law firm previously said it had spent seven months in Indonesia following the Lion Air crash.

“So no one can sign any release or settlement while the cause of the accident is still under preliminary investigation,” he said.

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