Union: British oil workers strike North Sea rigs

Union: British oil workers strike North Sea rigs

Photo: ANP

British workers on oil and gas platforms in the North Sea are on strike over higher wages and better working conditions. This was announced by the United Trade Union. According to the union, about 1,400 members will participate in the procedures, which will take place between March and June. Exact dates have not been reported.

Unite says the oil and gas companies in the North Sea are making huge profits, but the drillers are not getting their fair share of those profits. According to the union, companies such as BP, Shell and TotalEnergies will face action. “Unite will support these members every step of the way in their fight for higher wages and better working conditions,” said union general secretary Sharon Graham.

Environmental group Greenpeace said it understood the oil workers’ strike. According to Greenpeace, they didn’t get anything extra, while top oil company executives and shareholders have “earned” tens of billions over the past year.

The United Kingdom has been experiencing a wave of strikes in various sectors of the economy for some time in order to force higher wages due to the sharp rise in the cost of living.

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