Ummah Hajj College Basketball March Madness: March Madness

Ummah Hajj College Basketball March Madness: March Madness

Presenters Bart Jan Westerduin and Paco Busteros Leon present about American sports with a Leiden twist. (Photo: Jerry Van Backle)

March Madness is the name of the college basketball finals in the United States. Which is why there is so much interest in this tournament on Pilgrim Nation’s American sports program. But first, we look back at unofficial World Cup baseball.

With the participation of so many major league professionals, it can be said that there may have been eight dream teams in the World Baseball Classic, organized by MLB. He left the Dutch national team with high expectations, but was forced to return home after the group stage.

In the end, Japan and the United States were in the final and turned it into a thriller with the apotheosis of the dream at the end. Shohei Ohtani (Japan) pitched the last pitch to American Mike Trout. Otani hit the trout and it was the tournament win for Japan. Cool detail: Ohtani and Trout are teammates on the Los Angeles Angels.

Although it’s been a month since the Super Bowl, there’s a lot going on in the NFL. project is approaching and Free agency The period opened on March 15th. The reason why presenter Paco Pasteros Leon discusses transfers is the most striking. And they found, somewhat frustrated, that there had been no news of Tom Brady at all. The famous midfielder has already retired.

The third quarter of the broadcast began with A.J traditional college, in this case with the basketball players of UCLA, UCLA. It is arranged so that new students receive instructional videos on how to cheer and how to cheer their team in competitions.

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UCLA has won the national championship in basketball no fewer than eleven times, so it’s a small step up to Marsh Madness, the annual basketball tournament for the national title. At the time of the broadcast, the men’s and women’s championships are in the Sweet Sixteen, Final 16.

For the women, the only question is who can stop South Carolina. The team has been undefeated for nearly two years. Notable was the run of Ole Miss, who first knocked out Gonzaga with show girlfriend Maud Huijbens and then sent home top-ranked Stanford.

The men’s tournament is fully open. The Sweet Sixteen all #1 seed FAU Owls de Cinderella were eliminated from the tournament. They defeated other Cinderella and crowd favorite Fairleigh Dickinson (who had previously knocked out #1 Purdue from the tournament).

The NBA has also been briefly discussed, and playoffs are on the horizon. The question is who is already certain, and who still has a chance. Notable on the list are the Sacramento Kings, the most important of which is the Sacramento Kings Claim to fame Is that Eric Hayden was a team physician there.

Finally, a quick look at the XFL, American Football’s other major league. A kind of kitchen tournament, but the game is getting better and the number of spectators is also growing. There are some interesting rules that differ from the NFL, but coaches and players are still figuring out how best to use them.

Before the final whistle Radio and TV quick tip Netflix documentary Bill Russell on the greatness of the Boston Celtics.

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The next broadcast of Pilgrim’s Nation, with its European first, is on Wednesday, April 19th.

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