Expect a winter sports traffic jam because of the snow, but then it’s “like spring” in the Alps |  for travel

Expect a winter sports traffic jam because of the snow, but then it’s “like spring” in the Alps | for travel

Winter sports enthusiasts going to the Alps this weekend or returning from a week in the snow should expect traffic jams along the way. Lots of snow is expected, and that could cause more delays, Weronline warns.

The first week of spring break has been mild in the Alps, but the weather is turning. The mercury will drop and between 5 and 25cm of snow is expected, Weeronline’s Rosemarine Knoll says. During the night from Friday to Saturday, it snows heavily from the north in more and more places in the Alpine countries. Those who leave immediately on a Friday may encounter some snow flakes or snow on the car window along the road in Germany in addition to the rain. The peak with southbound traffic, combined with the expected precipitation, is unfavorable for delays on the way. “

The Knol website calls it “good news” for the lower slopes, where snow cover has suffered greatly from mild weather lately. Some areas have even been temporarily closed. “Snow showers will move over the mountaintops on Saturday and Sunday. This is causing the snow cover to grow locally by about ten centimeters.”

Snow dump

After this ‘snow dump’, it reappears at the beginning of the week, with calm winter weather, especially in the somewhat northerly winter sports regions of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Due to the clear weather, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. On clear nights with little wind, the mercury can drop to values ​​between -5 and -15 degrees, depending on how high the holiday address is. The temperature rises during the day to a few degrees above freezing. As the wind isn’t too strong and the February sun starts to get stronger and stronger, it soon feels like a little spring on the balcony after a few hours of skiing or snowboarding.”

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But not all vacationers will have this idea, because those who travel to the southern side of the Alps will also have to deal with rain and clouds after the weekend. In the French Alps and the western Italian Alps, the new snowpack can indicate 25 to 75 cm on the gauge rod, and up to 1 meter on higher slopes. Knol: “In Val Thorens, for example, it is quite windy with strong westerly winds and moderate frosts during the day with temperatures below -5 degrees.”

But the meteorologist reassures that it will also appear there in the middle of next week.

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