Two new bars with 'Coca Coco'

Two new bars with ‘Coca Coco’

Amsterdam chocolate makers are introducing not one, but two new bars with their most consistent range of sailing cocoa. Dark milk bar with 52% cocoa, coffee and cocoa nips and 100% dark bar.

Cocoa beans are usually shipped in containers from South America or Africa to Europe with a lot of emissions. Cocoa beans for these bars
However, chocolate makers are fully supplied with wind power with the sailing vessel Tress Homepress. The ship sails from the Dominican Republic to Amsterdam for 4 months.

This extension was necessary. “Consumer awareness is increasing and more conscious choices are being made in the supermarket. These zero-emission bars are a total success and we are getting the demand for them,” the Chocolatemakers statement said in a statement.

Tres Hombres is 100% very pure, but still accessible according to the chocolate makers and it is completely sugar free. The chocolate has an intense cocoa flavor. Beans come from Öko-Caribe, a farmers’ cooperative in the Dominican Republic. They offer high quality Trinitario cocoa beans.

Dress Homepress is a delicious coffee chocolate with 52% crunchy cocoa nips. The ‘Trinidario’ cocoa beans are used for this dark milk chocolate, which they buy directly from farmers’ cooperatives.
Buy Conacado from the Dominican Republic. Taste enhanced by powerful organic coffee beans from the Women’s Cooperative in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Nature Reserve in Colombia.

Cocoa and coffee beans sail with the sailing ship Tres Hombres from the Caribbean across the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of Amsterdam in about four months. In the chocolate factory, ‘Single Origin’ organic chocolate is made entirely on solar energy, according to traditional methods.

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