8000 conspiracy theorists demand 1.5 million from tax authorities

8000 conspiracy theorists demand 1.5 million from tax authorities

The IRS has received thousands of letters from 1.5 million people because they believe they deserve it. It’s about 8000 people who claim to be their ‘birth belief’. It is based on a conspiracy theory that states that the Netherlands manages 1.5 million euros per company and citizen.

Standard letters can be found on various websites, sometimes for a fee, through which people can write to so-called ‘trust tax officials’. The letter writers believe that the tax authorities will manage the foundation fund of 1.5 million euros per citizen.

Morton Reinders, author of the book ‘Conspiracy Thinkers’, explains how such conspiracy theory arises. ‘I can’t say exactly how this particular theory came about, but mostly opportunists believe that something can be gained somewhere. I have already seen the theory. So people think they are the heirs of the state and are entitled to 1.5 million heirs. They want to declare their autonomy.

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There is even a case for what is called a ‘trust fund’. “So the tax authorities are really a trust fund, and those people are under the impression that it is managed by King Willem-Alexander. The judge can do very little because there is no such trust fund,” Reinders said.


There is a PR consultant who owns a website where you can buy birth certificate forms and fake passports Sells or makes suggestions. “It seems like a scam to me. He sells a kind of illusion to people who want to become independent for any reason. All the complaints are because he can’t keep his promises. It would not surprise me if people sued him,” he said.

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