Citroen Basalt Vision: India and South America

Citroen Basalt Vision: India and South America

The Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) and India are the most important markets for Citroen. C3 Inside C3 Aircross sells. The Basalt viewThe last link of the C-Cubed program is a Small SUV-Coupe It was developed and built locally. It will be released in the second half of this year.

Basalt 2

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Almost done

There is Basalt Vision High ground clearance, suitable for such countries. In addition, it has pleasant, flowing lines that connect wide hips with wheel arches without curves. Before with Light blocks in two positions It has the required look due to two grills. According to Citroen, the study model is very close to the production version.

Basalt 3

Petrol engine

As of now, Basalt Vision's engines are yet to be revealed. The SUV coupe is based on it Smart Car-Platform, designed exclusively for these markets and shared with the C3 and C3 Aircross. driven by the latter 1.2 Puretech-Gasoline engine, coupled with Manual gearbox or A Material delivery machine.

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