American elections.  Trump won Iowa decisively, with two rivals dropping out of the race

American elections. Trump won Iowa decisively, with two rivals dropping out of the race

The result of the primaries in the US state of Iowa is seen as a huge victory for former President Donald Trump. This is the conclusion of the US media based on tentative results. Trump may benefit from his rival Vivek Ramasamy's decision to suspend his campaign after a disappointing result. Ramasamy has already expressed his support for the former president.

Newspaper The Washington Post He writes that the good news is that no clear opponent has emerged for the former president. Governor Ron DeSantis was a distant second, behind former ambassador and former governor Nikki Haley. The newspaper writes that Haley is now finding it difficult to present herself as a real alternative to Trump.

Newspaper The New York Times DeSantis' second-place finish was described as a pyrrhic victory for the governor, a victory at such a high cost that it actually “feels like a disaster.” He campaigned aggressively in Iowa and gained the support of conservative key figures. According to the newspaper, the question remains how long DeSantis can continue financially. He has no chance of winning the upcoming primaries in states like New Hampshire and Nevada.

Politics Trump's victory is so overwhelming, he writes, that it will be difficult for rivals to catch up. The political news site says Haley's real test will come in the upcoming New Hampshire primary. The verdict is that observers would not have thought he would have won anyway in Iowa. In New Hampshire, former US UN The ambassador is rising in the polls, although Trump is also leading there.

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