Baseball may not be as popular here as it is in America, but will MLB The Show hit a home run in 2024?  |  Game review

Baseball may not be as popular here as it is in America, but will MLB The Show hit a home run in 2024? | Game review

Baseball is not very popular in the Netherlands. In the United States, on the other hand, sports score high on all sports lists every year. Could MLB The Show 24 also have a chance here?

What is it about?

Baseball. MLB Major League Baseball is the world's top professional league, with famous teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants attracting fans with multi-million dollar contracts. Full stadiums every day in the most impressive arenas. What soccer is to the Netherlands, baseball is to the average American.

Baseball, that doesn't really happen here, does it?

beats But that is wrong. It's a beautiful game though if you want to watch the match live you have to be patient. However, you can enjoy a game of baseball on the console in half an hour. The Netherlands MLB The Show The series is not very popular but on the other side of the pond it is high on the game lists after every update.

But baseball and the Netherlands will never be together A match made in heaven Aug. Like the annual editions of an NHL ice hockey game or an American football game Madden No sales records will be broken here. No, it was actually reserved for football.

Does MLB deserve a chance?

I would say yes. Not just because I fall into the exception category of 'I have a thing for baseball'. For example, I once played an official tournament for Trakton Diamonds. I still have the autographed baseball my teammates gave me at the time in my office, and I also have a blue cap with a D on it.

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I got a ball in that game which I immediately converted into a single. Unfortunately, a whiplash occurred in the calf between the second and third floor. Two strikes! Late in life, but faded into the history books with a great batting average.

Back to the games. Do you have experience with this?

Since at least the mid-80s, Konami has released a baseball game on the MSX. I remember it was one of the first games I played back then. I had an MSX in primary school and was allowed to play unlimited on holidays when my father worked there. Baseball always passes.

Maybe no longer compare?

No, of course not. A lot has changed in almost forty years. program Very realistic. Sometimes you need to check whether you are watching real images or watching a game. The action is consistent. You can throw the ball all kinds of ways, but hitting the ball is the best part, just like playing softball in school in the old days.

Is it somewhat doable?

MLB Everyone has it. If you have zero experience, enter at a low level. I did that too and guess what? I hit the first ball into the stands. A homerun for the Trakton Diamonds, no, in this case the Texas Rangers.

Is it enough to do?

Plenty of options, as befits a good sports game. Play out your own life with a player of your own making, build a dream team with great players from the past or present, lead a team as a manager, or a story mode where you relive historic baseball moments. More teeth. So pick up that bat and hit that home run.

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MLB The Show 24 PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Developer SIE San Diego Studio, Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment. Ages 3+.

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