Twitter is under scrutiny from regulators, BeReal's revenue model and government drones

Twitter is under scrutiny from regulators, BeReal’s revenue model and government drones

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Twitter could run into more trouble under new CEO Elon Musk. After a number of compliance and privacy leaders resigned, regulators in Europe and America have set their sights back on the bluebird. And what about when Twitter becomes a payment platform?

We will discuss that Bart Hubert, Independent technical expert.

Drones as a tool of NVWA

The Dutch Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority is using drones to make their work easier, more efficient and better. Forests, crops and lakes are visualized using all kinds of techniques in order to provide better supervision.

We ask how that works Robert Brockmanresponsible for deploying drones at NVWA.

How will BeReal make money?

French app BeReal has gained a lot of popularity over the past year, especially among young people. Remarkable is the complete absence of ads, which is a common revenue model for free apps. Where does BeReal get its money? And how do they want to earn more money in the future?

BNR editor went with this “research” Matt Ackerman for work.

Stall streamers

After so many tech giants, Disney now also has to tighten its belt. In any case, streaming platforms are having a hard time attracting many new subscribers, while costs continue to climb. Is there still a perspective, for example by broadcasting more live sports?

We will discuss this (briefly) in the opening.

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