TV critic leaves Catholic Church after watching shocking documentary Good Shepherd Girls – Job

TV critic leaves Catholic Church after watching shocking documentary Good Shepherd Girls – Job


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Wilfred Takin, TV critic for the NRC, revokes his registration from the Catholic Church. He made the announcement in the newspaper after the first episode of the four-part VPRO documentary on NPO2 on Monday evening Daughters of the Good Shepherd It was broadcast. In this documentary by Britta Hausmann, the scandal of the Order of the Good Shepherd is revealed based on witness statements. This system takes care of young girls in many countries. At least that’s what the nuns claim. In fact, vulnerable children are terribly abused. Girls had to work as slave labor in laundromats and sewing studios, among other things.

In Ireland, Canada and the United States, unmarked graves have been found containing thousands of bodies of children abused on monastic grounds. From 1860 to 1978, 20,000 girls with difficult childhoods were cared for in five homes in the Netherlands. Haussmann discovers that there are also hundreds of unmarked graves here at a former site of the order at Almelo.

Current director of De Goede Herder also speaks in the documentary. Much to Takin’s confusion, he tries to downplay the importance of the victims’ testimonies and the crimes. In doing so, he follows the line of the church, which has been trying to cover up crimes for decades.

The director says absolutely the wrong things and thus serves as the perfect villain in the story. He quietly dismisses the unanimous testimonies of sixty victims as questionable. He prefers to talk about “the pain they lived according to their truth.” The nuns had “the best intentions to help these girls.” And: “You have to see that in his time, people treated children differently.”

Mr. Pastor, as you know, this documentary has not strengthened my devotion to the Catholic Church. Anyone who wants to know the God of love and peace has no business being in your church. Therefore, I hereby decide to leave the Roman Catholic Church and ask you to record this in the baptismal record of my diocese. I was baptized on June 20, 1967 at Sparn Church. By the way, a beautiful neo-Gothic church. Unfortunately demolished. May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you and your church.

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