Urubaba director: “Jost Klein attacked my assistant several times”

Urubaba director: “Jost Klein attacked my assistant several times”

Firas Fawaz, who directed Ghost Klein’s video for “Europaba,” says that he quarreled a lot with the artist and that Ghost attacked his assistant several times.

Fawaz, who is also a friend of Klein, talks about the incident at the Eurovision Song Contest on the podcast This is a bigger picture He had expected it much earlier. “Jost is really very creative and very kind. He is a genuine maker. (…). He is really difficult to work with and I say that out of love for him and the art he makes.”

He adds: “Sometimes he finds it difficult to deal with people.” He attacked my assistant several times in my group.

“A lot of fighting”

According to Fawaz, recording the clip did not go smoothly. “I argued with him a lot during the trial. He didn’t tell me he liked it until a few hours before the clip was released. Before that it was always like, ‘This is bad, I don’t feel it, I’m not going to reveal this.'”

The director continues: “He made the clip European Pope It cost me about a month and a half of my life and I benefited nothing from it. A music video only costs money. Then you also have to realize the value of the people who do it for you. “You can’t simply scream at an assistant director who is on set for zero euros. I also said that to Joost.”

Véras also says that he has not been in contact with Jost for a while. “Not since he came back. But I think he’s very happy with the way his career is going.” Director Joost Klein could not be reached for comment on Monday.

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“Imminent movement”

The Netherlands’ Eurovision entry was disqualified just before the final because Klein was involved in an incident with a female photographer after the second semi-final, who reported threats. Exactly what happened remains unclear, according to the AvroTros website, as Klein made a “threatening gesture” towards the woman when she filmed him, while it was repeatedly agreed that she would not do so. The broadcaster found that the action taken by the European Broadcasting Union, organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest (EBU), to disqualify him on this basis was “extremely harsh and disproportionate”.

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