Trout may always be the best baseball player, but America does not see him

Trout may always be the best baseball player, but America does not see him

This is because his environment does not contribute to his reputation, except that Trout does not necessarily consider attention. He has been playing for Angels all his life, a casual club in the remote suburbs of Los Angeles, hidden by big, famous Dodgers.

Angel matches are rarely seen on national television, but they are mainly broadcast on regional channels. In addition, most TV viewers live on the east coast of the United States, which is three hours later than California, so most baseball fans are already asleep when the trot balls hit the fence.


He has only made one play-off with the Angels Trout. Very low if you have the best player in the world on the field. Precisely in play-off matches players get national attention.

Trout never got a chance to show his talent at that level. Over the years, the Angels have lost more games in the league than they have ever won, and they are unlikely to ever include it in the play-offs.

It does not bother the trout. He doesn’t care about attention. Since its introduction, MLP has asked him to take part in the annual home run derby, an informal interim game where a select few batsmen show who can hit the most home runs.

Ignore the call out of the draw. MLP goes crazy.

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