Bassett: '' You can compare my style of play with Dill ''

Bassett: ” You can compare my style of play with Dill ”

Cole Bassett is a Feyenoord player. The talented American settled in Rotterdam this week and can not wait to play for Fayenord. On the day of his presentation on the de Quip Pacet, he took a full-time interview in which he introduced himself and explained why he had chosen this step.

“I’m very happy to be here and happy to be walking in the stadium,” Bassett told Feyenoord Media. “It’s very different from the United States. It’s clear how football lives in this country, especially in Rotterdam. I like to accept the challenge myself. I know this is a great club with a great history.”

“I want to grow myself here and get more out of my career. And I want to get myself more involved in the focus of the American national team. I feel this is the best step I can take now. We have a good choice, so it will be a great experience. I can not wait to learn from them. “

Bassett grew up well in the United States. “When I made my debut in Colorado, we were down in the rankings, but in the end we finished first in the competition. Unfortunately, in the end, we did not win the MLS Cup. That was the ultimate reward. .

Acquired Feyenoord is only twenty years old, but has already played over 70 games in MLS. “The Colorado Rapids initially had faith in me and I was lucky. When I was seventeen, they allowed me to introduce myself a month after I signed my first contract. Many clubs are not like that. Not in the United States at the time.

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Bassett describes his qualities. “Of course I want to score. You can compare my style of play with the way Guz til plays. I attack, I like to come in front of goal to score, but I can also bring energy to the team. I have the ability to run better with more intensity. Creates hope. “

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