Max Verstappen / Sergio Pérez / Red Bull Racing / Austin / Amerika / 2021

Top & Flop: American Grand Prix VT3 and Qualification

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool (Mark Thompson / Getty Images)

Drivers smash their cars into the wall, eye-catching on-board radios and teams pressing surprisingly fast laps; A racing weekend is usually in a lot of stores. Who is surprised, who is disappointed? In the Top & Flop section, Grand Prix Radio lists the strong and weak shows for you. This episode qualified for VT3 and the American Grand Prix, the strong performance of Red Bull Racing and Ferrari and the disappointing performances of Lance Stroll and Voltaire Potts.

On top

Red Bull Racing

Saturday was a good day at Red Bull Racing Austin. On VT3, Sergio Perez was the fastest for the third time by Max Verstappen. It was different in qualifying, where Verstappen d Polar position Lewis was overtaken by Hamilton and Perez. Red Bull Racing was able to capture the best tickets for Sunday’s race.

Bitcrew / Red Bull Racing / Austin / USA / 2021
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool (Mark Thompson / Getty Images)


Ferrari had a strong day. In the third free workout, Carlos Science was able to do the clock for the second time. Charles Lecklerk did not get more than a ninth time. But both were in good shape in the qualifying round. Leklerk was fifth and teammate Science was sixth. Ferrari drivers started on the fourth and fifth Sunday, due to a grid penalty by Valteri Potos.

Carlos Science / Scuderia Ferrari / Austin / USA / 2021
Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Pierre Casley

You can often see Pierre Casley this season. And Saturday at the Grand Prix in the United States. After setting the eighth fastest time in the third free training session the Frenchman settled back into the top-10 and qualified for the ninth. Team-mate Yuki Sunoda also performed well in the qualifying round, and was able to make it to Q3 and finally to the tenth place in the stage.

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Pierre Gasly / AlphaTauri / Austin / Amerika / 2021
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool (Image by Peter Fox / Getty Images)


Voltaire Potass

Although Potas had already received a grid penalty in the race before qualifying, he was unable to break any pot for the fourth time. In the third free practice, things did not go well for Finn either. He spun and could get a set that was smooth Composition Throw away the tires. Overall, not a great day for a Mercedes driver.

Lance Walk

Lance Stroll made little impact on it Circuit of America On Saturday. Canadian did not go above 16th in both the VT3 and the qualifying round. At the same time teammate Sebastian Vettel was able to form the eleventh and twelfth time.

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