President Biden threatens to launch a climate summit without his environmental plans

President Biden threatens to launch a climate summit without his environmental plans

President Joe Biden threatens to launch the G20 and climate summit in Glasgow without the environmental plans he wants. With some applause, he made one last attempt to persuade his party members to vote for the new version of his ‘Built Back Better’ plan, but that did not change the stalemate. “He postponed the trip to Glasgow for a few hours,” says US correspondent John Postma.

The ‘Built Back Better’ project, if voted on, would be worth about $ 1,750 billion. It was $ 3,500 billion. “This is not the way Biden wanted it to be. For example, paid parental leave and taxes for millionaires have been removed from the program,” he said. , But it’s still $ 500 billion.

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However, President Biden again called the best project deal historic. “I think he wanted to sell the deal to the voter happier than it really is. He presented it as if the deal was already over,” Postma said. But it’s not because everyone is happy with the plan. ” still no. Then there are the two notable Democrats in the Senate. They do not want to spend so much money on this project. ‘

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In the coming week, according to Postma, talks will take place with both the progressive faction and the opposition senators. The deadline for the project is the start of the summit in Glasgow. But we must not forget that we have been talking about this for months and have not come forward. I do not see this happening so soon, it will all come together, “said Postma.

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