Tokyo 2020 |  Here is what happened more on the fifteenth day of the Olympics

Tokyo 2020 | Here is what happened more on the fifteenth day of the Olympics

JEPCHIRCHIR wins the marathon

The fifteenth day started early. Due to the heat, the marathon has already been moved to Sapporo, but it also turned out to be too hot to run the race in full sun. And so the ladies started the marathon at 6:00 am local time. However, the high temperature played an important role in the race track. The Israeli rock salt suddenly stopped and had to let the top three run. Favorites Birgid Kosgei, compatriot Pierce Jepshire and American Molly Seidl, who was only running the second marathon of her career, decided who could take home a medal.

Tokyo 2020 | Jepchirchir and Kosgei showed that Kenya is the best at marathon

Tokyo 2020

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Jepchirchir proved to be the strongest in the last kilometres. Behind her, the collapsed Kosgei left enough to keep Seidel behind, but the American was more than happy to be awarded the bronze. Belgium’s Micky Gorissen finished 28th. She just decided to try a marathon this year and was speechless (even for a while) when she heard her final standings.

The dream team defeats the French

After the defeat in the opening match in these games, the Americans realized that they would not easily face the matter with the French in the final. They were also behind for a while, but unlike the previous games in this tournament, they didn’t let the margin grow much and before the first half the Dream Team was ahead. They didn’t hand them over, and that’s how the golden basketball goes to America, just as it does with the ladies.

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Japan baseball players team USA team in the dream final

Where NBA basketball stars appear in games, this does not apply to their NBA teammates. So there is no Mike Trout, Mookie Beats or Max Scherzer on Team USA, but also no Shuhei Ohtani in Japan. Of course, the top stars from the Japanese competition were also present. They have proven to be too powerful for young American pensioners and talent. In the exact same score that the softball players won in the final against the Americans, that match now ended in the home’s favor: 2-0.

Tokyo 2020 | Japan baseball players beat Team USA in the Dream Final

Javelin thrower delivers Indian sports gold

India has never won a gold medal in athletics. Even for the two silvers, we have to go back to the 1900 Games in Paris. So Neeraj Chopra’s performance can be called uniquely. The 23-year-old has already impressed youngsters at the World Championships, and has now managed to keep top Czech players Jakub Vadilić and Vítizlav Veseli behind him in Japan.


In the men’s beach volleyball final, the European champions, the Norwegian duo Mol/Sorum, faced off against world champion Krasilnikov and Stojanovsky. The Russians took the lead early on, but in the middle of the first group, the Scandinavians came along and then turned the whole group over. Because they continued that streak in the second set, they moved relatively easily to 2-0 in sets and thus Olympic gold. In the condolence final, Qatari Sharif and Ahmed won the bronze medal.

French team success

The French have seen the Netherlands rise dramatically on the medal table in recent days, but they have done something in return today. Handball and volleyball players managed to win their finals. In the handball final they defeated the Dane 25-23 in a replay of the Rio final. This was the fourth time in a row experts Reached the Olympic final. They ran three times with gold inside.

Tokyo 2020 | French volleyball players beat the Russian team in a sharp final

They did not know such success in volleyball. In fact, this against the Russian team was only the first in their history. After two sets, the French were sitting on the roses, but the Russians suddenly recovered. They tied 25-21, but in the decider, it was the tall French men who rose to the top: 15-12.

Dani Alves now also owns Olympic gold

Extra time was once again necessary to force a decision in the Olympic Football Tournament, but now Barcelona’s bad buy Malcom decided to shut the door before the penalty series, pushing the ball behind Unai Simon and handing the divine Canary the gold. Where should Dani Alves leave this award again?

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