Today Inside heated debate about the Studio Sport scandal

Today Inside heated debate about the Studio Sport scandal

There will undoubtedly be a little schadenfreude among the gentlemen indoors todayNow that all sorts of stories are coming out about it Sports studioCores like Jack van Gelder, Tom Egbers, and Mart Smeets. But Johan thinks it’s all just posturing, after which he feels despised by others.

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The reason is the part Volkskrant Yesterday, ex Sports studioThe presenter, Aisha Marghadi, tells her story about her time on the program. It also shows that 32 (former) employees filed reports of (sexual) abusive behaviour, which were later ignored by editors-in-chief and management. The editor-in-chiefs have now announced that they will be leaving “in due course”.

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Aisha wanted to improve herself, so she was looking for a mentor. Tom Eggers is not recommended because he is not very helpful with pretty women. Then it had to be Jack Van Gelder. From that followed the story that Jack himself told this week in HLF8. She had another negative experience with Mart Smeets, who introduced herself and exclaimed out loud: “What are we supposed to do with this?” Wilfrid and Ren really don’t think it’s possible for you to make such statements. Renee: “I wouldn’t say things like that to someone I’ve never met.” But John thinks otherwise.

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Johann: “What I experienced from the whole article, was that she felt it as annoying, because it didn’t work out in the editorial office.” And about the Mart Smeets experience: “Well, I can imagine it. What are we to do with this, with such a little heat.” Wilfred: “Isn’t that a slightly strange comment?” Johann: Come to Wilfred, she will cry with you.

Cakes and cookies

outside the widget Volkskrant It also seems that Aisha took sandwiches and buns to the editorial office and no one wanted them after that. According to Johan, this also has nothing to do with her personally. “They just thought it was a bad introduction.” Johann invents the whole piece Volkskrant But attitudes. Therefore, he does not feel sorry for the alleged victim. “I’m only sorry for Tom Eggers’ wife.” But it also means that it is not what it seems.

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relationship with the trainee

The piece also shows Tom Eggers having an affair with a 22-year-old intern on the program, who was also discovered by his wife, MORES boss Yankee Decker. Then he came to get a story from the apprentice in question. Johann: “Tom Eggers’ wife, who called out to all the talk show tables like a moral preacher to people with complaints about transgressive sexual behavior: Report me! And her husband is the only person with complaints about it.”

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