This is the winner of Stars on Stage |  RTL Street

This is the winner of Stars on Stage | RTL Street

After weeks of competition, Emma Hesters (28), Michelle Mulder (37) and Susanna Klebanski (39) have reached the grand final of Stars On Stage. They have recently turned into true music stars, but only one of them can claim the coveted title. Who will win the first season of the show?

“It was a wonderful time”

The tension is palpable at the end Stars on stage. Emma, ​​Michele and Susanna have given everything they can in recent weeks, but tonight they will give everything they can for the last time to show what they have to offer.

Before it's clear who can call themselves the biggest winner, the three have to perform two more times. They're singing a brand new song from a musical and a song they've sung before in recent weeks.

Michel takes the lead right from the first performance, as he performs his number from the musical Les Miserables Score of no less than twenty stars. “It's really unnatural how fast you grow every week. I have so much respect for you,” says former participant Glenn Faria, who is full of praise.

Even after the second performance, Michel remains at the top with 38 stars, Susanna is right at the bottom with 37 stars, and Emma is “dangling” at the bottom at the moment with 36 stars. “Michel is the winner according to our reviewers,” presenter Paddy Fedder said. But that doesn't say everything, because it's up to the audience to decide how many extra stars to give the nominees.

Before announcing the final result, the jury expresses its appreciation to the candidates. “You have all shown your vulnerability in recent weeks,” Albert Verlinde says proudly. “You have all shown what you have to offer, and that, for me, is the big takeaway from this whole show.”

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When the audience points are tallied, it quickly becomes clear that Michel is the audience favorite and that the former skater, with a total of 47 stars, won the first season of Stars on stage had won. “It was a great time. I enjoyed it very much.” Emma and Susanna took joint second place with 45 stars.

The whole season of Stars on stage Look back at Videoland.

Are you curious about the finalists' outlook on adventure? Then take a look at the videos below.

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