Shakira and Elton John name in tax evasion documents

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Shakira and Elton John, among others, are mentioned in the so-called Pandora’s Papers. These leaked documents reveal amounts flowing through tax havens and even misappropriation.

Since the end of last week, the international media has been interested in the leaked documents, which are similar in shape to the Panama Papers.

Mossack Fonseca & Co. , a Panama-based legal advisory firm, creates companies for clients in countries where it is difficult to tax their assets or property, the so-called tax havens. This is not illegal, but anonymity makes tax havens suitable for illegal practices, such as tax evasion and dealing with bribery.

In addition to Shakira and Elton John, former Beatles star Ringo, German model Claudia Schiffer and Spanish singer Julio Iglesias are mentioned. The report clearly states that these stars have not been proven to have violated tax laws.

Shakira may be in court for tax evasion

The emergence of the name Shakira is wonderful. The singer was also told last July that she will likely have to appear in court after all due to the tax evasion case brought against her in Spain.

The judge ruled, Wednesday, that there was sufficient evidence of the Colombian resident in Barcelona evading taxes through tax havens. Accordingly, the public prosecution may sue the 44-year-old singer.

Pandora Papers is one of the biggest financial document leaks. Documents reveal the hidden fortunes and secret dealings of world leaders, politicians and billionaires BBC News. About 35 current and former world leaders, including Tony Blair and King Abdullah of Jordan, are included in the offshore company files.

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Tax authorities in Australia and the UK said they would investigate the documents immediately.

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